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Your voice is the simplest and most powerful communication tool you possess.  By adopting dictation you can achieve astonishing increases in productivity and efficiency. Philips analogue and digital dictation products are designed to handle all your dictation needs and have traditionally been the ideal tool for professionals who want to work smarter.


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Philips Speech Processing offers a complete hardware and software portfolio of professional dictation products; all of them designed to increase your own productivity and that of your entire organization. Whilst we develop advanced digital technology that enables you to benefit from the latest achievements in the dictation area, we also continue to offer a large range of analog devices.
A large variety of high-quality dictation and transcription accessories rounds off our comprehensive product portfolio.

Our products and solutions support every imaginable scenario.

Digital Dictation - Digital technology for unparalleled benefits

Our digital products deliver the same levels of reliability as their analog predecessors, but with a wealth of additional features. Digital dictation allows you to organize your workload more efficiently and work more productively. It is essential to enhancing organization-wide communications and documentation workflows.
We offer you a wide choice of mobile devices that will increase both your mobility and flexibility.
  • Superior quality: Clear, precise recording and playback for easy transcription.
  • Total flexibility: Instant access to any part of the recording plus insert / delete / overwrite functions.
  • Increased efficiency: Digital files available immediately for faster transcription and turnaround of completed documents.
  • Easiest working practices: Transfer data quickly and simply via e-mail or PC network. Work remotely.
  • Future-proof: Designed to be used with the latest workflow management and speech recognition systems.

Analogue Dictation - Robust classics for easing your workflow

  • Simply pass on your cassettes for transcription and continue with your work, safe in the knowledge that your secretary will professionally finalize your documents.
  • Based around the robust Mini Cassette, Philips analog equipment offers durability and superb sound quality under even the heaviest of usage.
  • With transcription equipment from Philips, such as foot pedals, headphones and playback devices, your secretary can easily transfer your recordings to paper.
Philips Accessories

Microphone Earpiece combo Telephone pick-up microphone Plug-in microphone Tie-clip microphone Rechargeable battery

Philips accessories are designed to help you make the most of your Philips dictation devices. They guarantee optimal results and ensure that your Philips products enjoy a long life. Simply choose from our large selection of original supplies and accessories and experience the difference for yourself.


Transcription headphones Docking station for DPM Boundary-layer microphone Foot pedal Power supplies