Winscribe Recording

Winscribe is a software-based digital dictation, Meeting Recording, Hansard Recording, Court Recording, transcription and workflow routing solution empowering thousands of organisations globally to take better control of their document management, dictation and transcription needs.


 Organisational competence

Efficiency and speed in the delivery of minutes and transcripts are vital to the performance and functionality of any organisation. Winscribe's Digital Recording technology greatly increases the rate at which minutes are produced. Research shows that its sophisticated workflow management result in improved productivity and enhanced accuracy and efficiency.



 Automatic archiving and encryption

All recordings are automatically managed, secured, routed and archived without the need for any manual intervention. Tracking recordings takes no more than a few seconds. Winscribe also incorporates enhanced encryption technology offering you the assurance that all recordings are protected and confidential. No recordings can be accessed without the necessary access privileges.


 Integration into existing systems

Winscribe can be integrated into almost any new or existing audio visual system, allowing you to record the audio component of any discussion, presentation, telephone conference or video-conference with simplicity and ease



 Single package solution

Users are particularly pleased with the comprehensive package solution offered by Winscribe. Features include: intuitive user interfaces, automatic archiving and retrieval detailed documentation, security and online help. All of this eliminates the need for expensive add-ons later.


 Integrated Data Systems

A key component when looking at how organizations may gain the best possible productivity out of software solutions is integrating the software into other 3rd party products to automate the manual tasks staff normally need to undertake. Integration not only speeds up the process, it also ensures that input information is consistent between systems. The challenge for organizations is not only choosing the right solution to meet your business needs, but also leveraging it with your existing application investments. In the past, systems have been cobbled together. In today's business environment,true application integration is not a choice, it's a necessity.


By providing web services-based integration tools, Winscribe delivers the benefits of a totally integrated digital dictation solution leading the market with its advanced integration architecture. Winscribe's applications are built to be flexible and scalable for every client's requirements. Winscribe products are built on Microsoft architecture & make use of SQL & Microsoft .Net technologies. With built-in Software Development Kits, Winscribe can be tailored to provide the maximum benefit to your organization. Because of Winscribe's advanced architecture, integrating your business applications with Winscribe is quick and easy.


 Use Flexable Recording Inputs

Winscribe Digital Dictation is compatible with a wide range of manufacturer-independent input devices including Digital Voice Recorders, handheld SpeechMike microphones, BlackBerry devices, iPhone, mobile telephones, landline telephones, etc . These flexible input devices allow users to dictate from anywhere, at any time resulting in increased product ivity, improved efficiency and swift document creation. The Winscribe digital dictation system is a software only platform meaning you are not limited to a specific model or brand. We work closely with key manufact urers including Philips, Olympus, Grundig, etc. The Internet Importer will work seamlessly with the list of digital handheld devices outlined above. The Internet Importer intelligently imports files and demographic information so Winscribe's standard routing rules apply. Routing for review, transcription by a specific secretary are just a few examples of the possibilities.


 Winscribe's Hansard & Courtroom Recording

Winscribe's Hansard and courtroom recording systems facilitate the quick and accurate recording and transcription of parliamentary and courtroom sessions. The central server ensures that all audio content is recorded securely. Recordings can be segmented allowing the transcripts to be transcribed while in session. That way, participants get to leave the sessions with a transcript in hand. With all the benefits of Winscribe's digital recording solution, Hansard and Courtroom recording are invaluable solutions for government and legal institutions.

Additional Benefits

Meeting Recording Benefits Transcription Benefits Administrator Benefits
Winscribe Secretary

Digital Recording Quality

Bookmarks to mark Recording of Decisions

Uninterrupted Recording to Hard Drive

Visual Workflow display with real time counter

Fast search to any position of recording

Record Multiple Meetings Simultaneously.

Central Server Repository for all recordings

Priority notification for high
priority recordings

Rapid job tracking and job status view

Record or transcribe on-line or

Protection against data loss

Automatic Secure Archiving of recordings

All Recording are Securely Encrypted
  Winscribe Secretary

At-a-glance overview of jobs screen shows workload status and progress

Number of secretaries limited
only by license.

Convenient job arrival alert with visual and/or audible notification

Priority setting based on visual notification of high priority jobs

Rapid job tracking and status
view with configurable work list display

Personalized work list shows desired job information at a glance

Appropriate Microsoft Word template opened automatically

Work on-line or off-line

High playback audio quality

Fast search to any position of recording.
  Winscribe Management

At-a-glance overview of jobs screen shows workload status and progress

Confidential job routing provides high level security

Protection against data loss, even in the case of a lost network connection

Offline mode allows users to continue working in the case of network interruption

Workstation-independent password settings allowing users to log on to any machine

Automatic Secure Archiving of recordings

No cassette handling.